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Here are some alternative ways to get sample clearance.

Recreate the Sml

Firtl, you n u different intrumnt r a imilr sequence r n w to try t mk it diffrnt. Sm rtit vid ing part f th sample lrn f b r-rrding th sampled section, instead f uing th pre-recorded mtr. Thi means tht th rtit tull l and records the music t und xtl lik th original n they want t ml. Hwvr, you till need permission from th mui publisher, but not frm the wnr f the mtr recording. Thi i a nt trik lt me explain:

Let’s say u wnt t u a ix-nd ml frm rtin ng. Arding to right lw, infringement only occurs when th riginl mtr rrding i ud, but nt whn th und i mimikd nd re-recorded. S instead f mling the riginl rrding, u play th parts urlf nd r-rrd th mui t sound xtl lik th original. In tht case u have nt infringed th mtr recording. Du t a uirk in right lw, you can nl infring a mtr rrding if you actually copy it nt if u imitate it. S u wn’t nd permission frm th mtr wnr. Thi i a grt lutin if u nnt obtain ml clearance frm th owner f th master rrding.

Yu still nd rmiin frm th mui ublihr, bu th ng itself is copyrighted. However, u d nt need clearance frm the wnr of th mtr recording. Yu uld l employ th services of a Sample Rrtin Company t wrk around the problem. Cmni lik Rin Prdutin nd Rl Hvn offer t r-rrd th sample, and n d t such a high standard tht th riginl vrin and the new n r rtill inditinguihbl. High ulit r-rrding hv th ll the hllmrk f th riginl, but r quicker and easier t lr theres nl th ublihr t nidr, nd n rt f stalemate over competing intrt with the record lbl.

alternatives to getting sample clearance

Mk it Unrgnizbl

Whil thi i not mltl suggested, u can l mk th ml unrgnizbl b distorting it nd uing a lot f fft t mk th sample unrgnizbl. K in mind that thi is nt full-rf so nl use this tactic ringl nd as your last rrt.

Buring it in th Mix

You n also bur th ml into th mix tht it bm l rvlnt nd less rgnizbl. A lt of l uggt nt using th sample as the grv r hk.

Not Using th Titl f th Source Mui in th Titl f ur ng

Of ur, u huldnt nd dnt want to use th title f th source mui in th titl f th ng. Whil gin, thi isnt a full-rf w t rtt urlf, it n minr way u can avoid gtting in legal trouble for uing ml.

Cntt th Artist or Songwriter Directly

If you run int rblm with a mui ublihr r wnr f a mtr, you may hv better luck contacting th rtit dirtl. This works if th artist till h m r ntrl in what gets lrd.

Seek Sample-friendly Copyright Ownr

Sm copyright wnr are h t clear ml so muh t encourage th process. Sk th out. Fr xml, m music rtit r-tivl k to rmt thir music fr mling. Th rtit r out there nd m time t k around nd search fr th rtit wh r gr t lt you sample their wrk. Evn if you bliv you can r, edit, or otherwise digui a ml in th mix, u till nd rmiin t ml.

Obtining permission fr mui mling can b a lng nd tdiu r. Hwvr, lgl claims of right infringement uld mn that you r unable t u the music ml nd u may vn hv t mn dmg. T vid thi lgl trouble, b sure t get sample clearance.

Wht Yu Can Get Whn Smn Samples Yur Song

Whn mn steals your ng r u a samples frm ur song, th hv infringed your right mning thv used it withut your permission. Some f what you n get is peculiar to th right wrld.

Hr hw it wrk:

  • You gt the fair mrkt vlu of the use they md. For xml, if th rip ff ur ng in a commercial, and tht use of th song is wrth $10,000 in a mrktl dl, u can gt $10,000.
  • Yu n recover the infringers rfit. This i nt a common rmd and is extremely vlubl It mn tht if the rn who infringd n ur work md a rfit uing ur wrk, u n recover hi profits, which may b mr than th fir mrkt vlu f the usage.
  • You n gt n injunction which mn the court rhibit th infringer from uing th infringing wrk. If they ntinu to u it nw, thr ubjt t big fin, nd mtim even jil.
  • Yu n recover statutory dmg, whih is a rl copyright riginl. This i where u nt rv tul damages — for xml, ur infringr w not only a thif, but also an unsuccessful buinmn, and h lost mn with ur ri-ff. Or maybe hi rfit are so wll hiddn that u nt find thm. In thi , th court n giv u nwhr frm $750 to $30,000 fr a ingl infringmnt.

Altrntivl, u n gt a ingl munt r t f infringmnt nd not the number of copies tull made. For xml, putting ut 20,000 CD with ur ng i till nl one t of infringmnt Th judg n even raise thi to $150,000 if its intntinl infringmnt, and can lwr it t $200 fr n innocent infringmnt.

  • Yu can also get ur urt t, and, t a limited extent, recover ur ttrn f. Attorneys f i usually rare because u normally dont get ttrn f whn u win a lawsuit.

Cvr Songs: How to Ask Prmiin t Cover a Sng

Cover ng rvid n w to trgt a nw mrkting b when placed lngid ur wn original wrk. In the digitl g, vr songs can t effective rh ngin optimizers fr mui (ill whn you’re vring artists who dn’t urrntl appear n iTunes, Amzn, etc.). As a professional ngwritr, you may lrd b wr tht nn wh wnt to record a vrin of ur song nd a mechanical lin frm the copyright owner, uull u or your ublihr.

Similrl, if u h t record ur wn version f mn l’ rviul rrdd and ditributd mui, you wuld nd t secure a mechanical lin. A mechanical lin is tull a “mulr” lin grntd to ur undr Unitd States right lw. Uull, mui users obtain these lin through a mui publisher r gnt. Thr r vrl rvi that n hl in clearing mhnil lin nd ensuring songwriters gt paid.

Limlight i n f th rvi u n u t clear n vr ng in order t ditribut b mn of digitl dwnld, hil albums, nd trming. You n finliz ur mechanical lining and royalty accounting needs fr a rvi f f $15 r lin plus ruird ttutr ublihing rlti set b lw. Artists, bnd nd other musical gru n clear any ng and ensure 100% f royalties r id to th rrit publishers nd ngwritr.

Publiit Rl: What Yu Nd if Yur Sng i Prt of n Advrtimnt

There’s an xtr wrinkl if you u a sample for ur f lling or ndring a product (fr xml in a Tt d), and th sampled rtit i idntifibl. In lik this, you also nd to get th ur rtit’ nnt. Tht’ bu th ad rt th imrin f an ndrmnt. Withut th nnt, the ur rtit uld sue fr wht is knwn as th viltin f th “right f ubliit.” The m would b tru if u imittd th ur rtit’ vi without mling it. S whn u u a sample fr an dvrtiing gn or other mmril client, b aware that a third t of lrn r “rl” may b nr.

Sml Pk & Pre-Cleared Sample Di: Can Yu Use thm Samples?

Sml Pk nd Sml CDs, recordings tht contain sounds and riffs ifill ld t be ud in mlr, n b a gd ltrntiv fr bdrm rdur nd mll lbl. Mt sample k nd sample discs r “r-lrd,” whih means tht b buing the di, you’re automatically grntd permission fr mui usage withut th payment f n further f. Hwvr, th rmittd use f r-lrd samples m vr frm n disc t nthr. Dn’t um u can u th sample in whtvr way you lik.

Review th dumnttin tht m with the CD fr any lin infrmtin. Most sample di mkr grant th user a “nnxluiv license” t u th ml –whih mn u, and everyone l, hv rmiin t u th mui. However, with a ml CD you dn’t bu th right t redistribute th ml, nl the right to u them in muil works. If you find tht ur urh of th di doesn’t grnt the rights u nd, contact th mnufturr t if you’re eligible for a rfund.


Music is a rtin tht rrnt th rtit nd blng t vrn ears, but whn it m to ing th bill, vrn i willing t g th xtr mile t protect their wrk. If you’re mling r rmixing another rtit’ wrk, some f th mld artist may fl ntitld t compensation; m m nt. My rmmndtin i t gt permission before you invest a lt of time in ur own wrk. Lt rviw some of the int w md in th ur:

Wv diud wh ml lrn i nr? And th rn i tht if u dnt gt rmiin to u ml, thi uld lead t tl lwuit or th inbilit t ditribut ur music to th public. Th min point I wnt u to lrn about mui lw is tht you need 2 clearances: n frm th copyright owner f ng (whih i till the music ublihr) and n frm th right owner f th sound rrding, whih is typically th rrd company. The w you find nd k th mui publisher is t lk them n ll n ll f th performing right organization websites, inluding bmi.m, .m,, nd hrrfx.m.

Thn u also nd t find nd k th owner f th master recording. Th bt w t find th wnr of th mtr rrding i t k the ublihr or you n use a lrn xrt if u nt really find it thrwi. Th t f ml lrn rll varies so make sure u review th ti n th t of ml clearance t know wht t xt when ur negotiating with bth the mui publisher nd th rrd lbl.

We l talked but wht t do if u cant gt a ml clearance. Yu n tr recreating th sample, mking th ml unrgnizbl, buing it in th mix, nt uing th title f th ur mui in th title of th ng, ntting th rtit or ngwritr directly, r king sample-friendly right owners. A we lrd discussed, u’ll be on fr legal grund if u gt permission, ill if u hv a rrd ntrt tht ut th burdn of sample clearance on ur huldr. Evn if u dont have a rrd ntrt, u should still k fr permission every tim u ml a ng, ill if the song means a lt t u.

Mt lbl, ublihr nd artists r happy to give thir rmiin t rtit looking t rwrk their music fr a f. Th world of vr songs, ml clearances, mechanical lin, nd mui lw h complex rules nd rgultin fr the ul mui rtr.

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