Does a Non-US Resident Required an ITIN to obtain an EIN

A non-US itizn does NOT nd a Sil Surit Numbr (SSN) r Individul Tax Idntifitin Number (ITIN) to get n Employer Idntifitin Number (EIN).

What is n Emlr Idntifitin Number (EIN)?

Emlr Idntifitin Numbr (EIN) i a number iud by th Internal Revenue Srvi (IRS) t identify a buin. Think f an EIN th il urit numbr fr ur buin. Jut a social urit numbr i imrtnt for U.S. itizn t hv, n EIN is nr fr a buin to lawfully ndut buin in Unitd States. All U.S. mni r required to hv n EIN to start a business, n a U.S. bnk unt, hir employees, ndut buin in United States, comply with the IRS, nd mr.

Intrntinl business wnr rgitring a mn in th US r required t obtain an EIN fr thir US mn. In m , frign mni owning t in the US r doing business in th US r ruird to btin EIN wll. There i a mmn misconception tht in order t gt EIN u nd t have a Sil Surit Numbr (SSN). Sin most frignr do nt hv a Social Security Numbr (SSN), th IRS h a il rdur to l EIN for mni wnd b frignr without SSN. Th IRS d ign EIN to non-US itizn who do not hv n SSN, which ruir m rwrk nd understanding n how to rrtl fill out tht rwrk.

Does a Non-US Citizen Need an ITIN to get an EIN

What i n Individual Tx Idntifitin Numbr (ITIN)?

Individul Txr Identification Numbr (ITIN) i a tax ring number iud b th Intrnl Revenue Srvi. ITIN i ud on fdrl tx documents t file taxes. IRS issues ITIN t individul who r ruird t hv a U.S. txr identification numbr but wh d nt hv, nd are not ligibl to btin a Sil Security Numbr (SSN). S in thr words, Employer Idntifitin Number (EIN) i ud t idntif buin and i necessary if u will b conducting nd operating a buin in Unitd Stt. On th other hnd, Individul Tx Idntifitin Numbr (ITIN) i a numbr ud t fil tx.

Hw t Gt n EIN without SSN r ITIN

If u r a US citizen nd have a Sil Surit Numbr (SSN), gtting n EIN i and n b applied fr nlin. However, if u are a nn-US itizn and d nt hv a Sil Surit Numbr (SSN) r Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), u nnt l fr an EIN online r b phone. Thi i wht u huld d.

Hr what u nd to do intd t gt n EIN.

  • Gt a buin lwr t t as ur Third-Prt Dign t represent ur business
  • The business lwr will rr ur EIN application and l fr your EIN with the IRS on ur bhlf
  • Th business lawyer will riv your EIN on ur bhlf

T guarantee that u riv your EIN rrtl nd n tim, it is highl recommended to hv a buin lawyer act as your Third-Prt Designee l for your EIN n your behalf.

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